Ghani Khan

Translated by Niala Khalil

O Lovers of Islam!
O Political Believer!
Today you praise Islam
But who was it that you praised yesterday?
The face of that same vicious eagle
But with new green wings
The sharp and rough claws of an eagle
On the doorstep of bad luck
Today promises of heaven
Yesterday those of hell
The same song
With new titles

O lovers of Islam
O political believers
You are full of beauty and piety
But your beauty is deceiving and your faith impure
Yesterday you were gaining for yourself
Today you are gaining for “Islam”
Selling the honour of Pashtuns
For your own name and honor
At the cost of Pashtun blood
You further your imperial designs!

O lovers of Islam
O political believers
What will you say to God
On judgement day
You weaved a dark web
On the eyes of the Pashtun
You made a valuable symbol
Of that fool Jinnah
You made a white hall
Out of the cloth for the Ka’ba
You conceived of a new crescent
But one dreamed of in London
And from a monster
You created the image of a pious person

O lovers of Islam
O political believers
You cannot hold a rose
From its thorns
The servant of my rival
Wants to win my friends for me
Today the pest that kills our flowers
Is winning a garland
And the servants of infidels
Are trying to uphold Islam

O nation of the deaf
O nation of the blind
Look,the instigator
Is calling an assembly
Today you call to prayer
What were you calling for yesterday?
In the midst of shrieks of hate
You pretend there is clam and love
Yesterday you were like Yazid
Today you go by the name of Ayaz

Think about this
O my simple Pashtuns
Separate the true believers
From the political believers
Who like Jesus…
Willingly adopts the path to persecution
Who in the castle of King Namrood…
Takes the path of Moses
Who in the palace of his rival…
Takes the name of his beloved?
Who throws away the world…
For the eyes of his love
Recognise evil!
Recognise good!
O nation of the deaf!
O nation of the blind!