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Smokers’ Corner: The not so sudden spring

Posted by ADP on Friday, November 2, 2012, In : Nadeem F. Paracha 

From the Newspaper | | 13th May, 2012/ Source: DAWNCOM
Right after the tragic 9/11 episode, a series of books and debates (on TV) appeared in the US and Europe trying to figure out exactly what had happened.
One of the most common expressions reflecting the bafflement that gripped western societies during the testing period was, ‘why do they hate us?’

This is when a succession of authors and academics rose angrily to suggest that ...

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Militant liberal

Posted by ADP on Friday, November 2, 2012, In : Nadeem F. Paracha 

Illustration by Faraz Aamer Khan/

For over two decades, Pakistan’s socio-political landscape has been dominated by narratives and actions of the religious right.

Those concerned by the right’s onslaught and dominance have bemoaned the decline and defeat of the country’s ‘moderate’ and liberal polities, rightly complaining that their voices have been drowned.

The religious right’s growing intolerance, intimidation and sometimes outright violence (ever since the 1980s), ha...

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The rightward march

Posted by ADP on Wednesday, March 3, 2010, In : Nadeem F. Paracha 
The rightward march
By Nadeem F. Paracha
The active emergence of a revamped PML-N supplemented by an alarmist new electronic media can be detected as a more vocal arrival of the New Right in Pakistan. — Photo by AP

It was called the ‘New Left.’ Emerging in Britain in the 1950s, the New Left was the left’s disparaging response to the authoritarian tendencies of Marxism mainly symbolised by so-called ‘Stalinism’. The New Left revisited Marxist doctrines and atte...

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