Dr.Quratulain Bakhtiari
Courtesy to “Transform

Today the youth of Pakistan are facing a difficult and contrivances phase, None had ever faced such era to understand, standup, to challenge, to find out spaces for meaningful learning is a very low letch thought. Even survival is major challenge being faced by youth. In past youth has never experienced such challenges as they are facing today. Youth developmental age is a specific biological period fro. 13-15 to 35 years in age. This journey starts from childhood when his or her body comes into existence. The adult are tested in their patients and experiencing from the age of 5 to 6. they check their boundaries/ limits and move forward & try to break such limits/boundaries, this is called testing. This testing moves towards bad experiences and he/she starts experimenting different level of risks. If environment is not supportive then these things starts affecting badly. Often when the young age approach, the life turn out more complicated, tough in our society. From young age to elder, age, the more responsible age approaches, the age of experiences get limited . The whole circle from childhood to adulthood, the journey has milestones and has got a lot of importance in a individuals life.

The journey from childhood to adulthood goes through trials and errors. As trials and chances of mistakes starts 1-1/2 0 to 6 and from 6 to 30 years the age of emotional, psychological and intellectual abilities are given in full by nature to all, and it is this age when he/she faces lots of restrictions, limits, and boundaries, in which most of the experiences,risks are stopped for innovation; many “ifs and buts” comes into mind & try to stop from innovation experiencing, learning and their growing. The personality that a young possess becomes complex, which needs extraordinary efforts from somewhere els. Similarly, in human development process we do need leaders, counselors, mentors and spaces for guidance. Such environment and spaces are decreasing gradually. On other hand the challenges faced by young him or her are on extreme at every level.

Glamour was never on extreme as much as it is today; from glamorization the instinct feeling of inadequacy has developed. In youth, especially glamorization is evolved in a systematic way. The first thing to be noted is biological growth; second thing is systems that were not as vicious as it is today. In past when systems used to establish it usually had lot of human factors involved with if. If the youth won't be involved in social change then they will never learn about decision making and mentoring approach for next generation.

Reality is quiet different, before the youth actually start his or her work, he/she has question in mind. In past the youth especially teenagers used to participate in every activity, but now youth has been used as consumers and as well as workers (work hard but still do not get any acknowledgement and benefits, all earning directly goes to owners of the work on to fulfill families needs). The thing that hasn't been as common as it is today is sexual exploitation. The openness of sexuality, to fight against industry of sexuality is extremely challenging and it has captured an youth. Young age has its own demands. In history, there was not any exposure, provision and diversion to this level as it is today. These things have made battle really tough to survive. The weaker in this age is not provided right to survive.

Now we can realize about the challenges faced by youth. Either they are aware about the challenges they have to face. If they are not aware then the danger has multiplied it has exceeded over 100% and become a compound danger.

The closer institution to youth and closest relation that remain to far is family. All other institutions are in disintegration except family. In west, they are having many strong institutions but family as an institution is disintegrated because of this the effectiveness of this on institution is affecting all other institutions. The cost of health, cost of ceasing mothers, cost of children in street, cost of teenage problems, and cost of crimes is on extreme. Just because of the breakup of one single institution(family) but in our case all institutions have broken down but only this single institute of family is left. However, the family system is prevailing but mostly these men and women in the family are not aware about the new challenges. Of new century that are being faced by youth. Family as an institute is still prevailing but same old thinking and demands restricts the imagination of young people. It is obvious how much the today's youth would be vulnerable.

Our responsibility is to acknowledge that the present scenario is very hostile especially for youth. We have to analyze and acknowledge such situation why this is happening. Today media is misguiding youth. Its points out towards an advertisement in which a girl uses cream, got fair color & finally got married to a very nice man.

Now we all have to think about the numerous girls & boys the pressure that they are having they are today the glamour, the glow on TV by officialized system & how many girl are discarded. Human rights organization, gender institute must raise their voices against such advertisement messages. But where are they all? To object and protest against such add. I want to display the true picture of society. Trying to show that this is very cruel period. In Pakistan young are in majority, more than 60% population of Pakistan comprised of youth. We are talking about social change but I am talking about survival. If we will survive with lively minded then we would bring any change. I have just tried to problematize such issue. How to address such issue? When I was young and started work, there were challenges but their nature was different. For example, the challenges that we faced were permission to do job and outer exposure. There were restrictions on doing jobs or going outside. Harassment was very common & easy in offices, field and at home. We were not aware how to deal with such issues it was the case because things were not clear. The other thing that we had to face was that we didn't have the understanding to judge strengths, weaknesses in development changes & there wasn't any space & none was found to make us clear about such issues.

There were some experiences but as we had moved forward and worked with youth the real painful lesson that came in front was its transparent / participatory nature, didn't understand how to avail those learning opportunities / instruction. We believe that there is need of support if this confidence is met in childhood then the young choose their way. Right choices in right direction. They become fast, effective & resistance free. It is reality-based conversation. I do not allow computers at children rooms because I am aware about its use, but unaware people think computers means education. The parents have to keep in mind about such issues but it would only happen if parents would be aware about such / problems. In a situation where family is unaware. The one who is having control is not well equipped. We are very far away from social change. First, we have to develop the human resource. Who must be well equipped, and then we can talk about social change. If we wont learn today then what would be the case with coming generation. Now we have to think about solution, it must be a small group working together systematically and growing in members. Then we would be able to do something for our coming generation.

As far as financial resources are concerned on basis of human resource development, a good, keen, strong and transparent person cannot be unemployed. Many be underpaid, but it is the need of time to have good personal. I don't think that there would be any financial problem but of course luxurious living won't be there. However, the young people have to convince families that we are not fuel of earning. Don't let them full fill their endless wishes by using us. We have to set limits whatever could be done for them we must do it. We are passing through the age in which we have to work hard and to struggle constantly. The young age is a big threat. The man is usually bound in his own problems. The one who comes out from such circumstances they enable to do much more. In IDSP the first year was conventional. There has been gradual change; first change that we are having is that we are not only remained community oriented; now we are talking about the whole world. In first year we didn't use to talk about world. We started to talk about institutional building. In the nest second and third year there were many radical courses, you are doing something but challenges are global. IDSP was immediately shifted toward other side and this was resulted in strengthening of concepts.

Every member of IDSP was committed at once. The other practice that we were having was about issues, the one who Is having such issue/ problem has to talk in forum either I have committed such mistake, the one who has committed mistake has to accept it in forum. It is not because to make you feel shame but when you will commit such mistake in public it will make you strong. This process has made us empowered. We call it emotional skill. We have decreased the fear of making mistake.